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Located in northern BC, Pro Alpine Ventures Inc. is the exclusive distributor
for Alpina snowmobiles and equipment in Canada.

These machines are unlike any other snowmobile/skidoo on the market.

A true working snowmobile is available to cover the void between standard-sized recreational snowmobiles and expensive Snow Cat crawlers. Whether it is coupled to the exceptional F250 groomer, people hauling Ski Bus, configured for Search and Rescue or used in any number of endless industrial settings owners are and will be satisfied with years of problem-free ownership. Try our demo model and find out for yourself.

The Legend Begins.

A milestone in the history of snowmobiles

Twenty years on Alpina Snowmobiles is proud to announce the birth of the third series of Superclass Snowmobiles, the ‘Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve’, that slots into the Alpina line-up just beneath the larger Sherpa 1,6 Ti-VCT. The design has been dramatically changed and improved keeping in mind some basic concepts; the new Superclass must satisfy the requirements of those seeking:

  • a multi-utility / multi-task machine;
  • strength, performances, and quality superior to any other existing utility snowmobile or ATV;
  • ease of operation and handling make the ‘Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve’ an ideal sled for sports, off-track and boondocking;
  • a high level of comfort for touring;
a reasonable price and low operating costs. 

With the hindsight of Alpina’s 20 years of experience, our engineers have added the touch of good Italian design and good taste on the most advanced technology available.

With the Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve our team has ‘raised the bar’ much higher. 

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The racy lines and the stunning design are the fruit of the best Italian tradition and passion that manifests itself in cars, motorbikes, and everything pleasing to the eye.

The longer, contoured, two-level seat offers the driver and passenger a natural position for long trips. Driving comfort is assured by the seating position and the adjustable heated grips and the heated seat. Protection from wind and cold is provided by a large windshield and by the body side wings and you will enjoy the heating vents that will keep you warm with a hot air stream.

The engine and transmission quietness, smoothness, and absence of vibrations will pleasantly surprise you. The exhaust? Exceptionally clean… and directed rearward between the tracks, to the rear of the unit. You will appreciate the progressive steering that is precise and effective in every snow condition, while the exclusive nitrogen gas filled front and rear suspensions provide comfort that will make you forget you are sitting on a utility vehicle.

After a quick look over the complete and comprehensive digital instrument panel and your hand over the transmission shift lever, you are ready to start your working day. All the controls are at your fingertips, the handlebar switches are derived from the Sherpa series. The LED daylight lamp located on the “nose” of the Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve is always on and a dual halogen head-light can light up your working area in the darkness. But don’t get deceived by so much refinement and comfort; it conceals a strong and pure work-horse underneath.

Take a look at the incredible features of the new SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V!

There’s nothing to compare with the Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve. Open the hood, it lifts by itself thanks to the gas spring strut, and you will discover a 100% brand new technology.

The 1.2 Litre, 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine, with an incredible flat-curve torque from the low-end to the high-end, is the ideal power-train for the Superclass. This is achieved thanks to the 12-valves with Variable Valve Timing working in conjunction with the state-of-the-art engine management computer. Smooth running and with good fuel economy, the engine is complete with catalytic converter and dual oxygen sensors in conformity to Euro-5 road emissions. With a huge radiator and fitted with a powerful two-speed electric fan, the cooling system can handle any condition.

The twist-grip control communicates (fly by wire) to the intelligent throttle the requested power, while the automatic transmission self-adapts to the load condition, no matter if you are pulling a huge load or if you just want to dart out into the powder. The new generation transmission, with Hi-Lo ranges, plus Neutral and Reverse, has a smooth and precise shifting. Designed for maximum strength, with an all gear powertrain (chain-less), it is the only snowmobile transmission with pressure lubrication via a mechanical pump.

Thanks to the low-inertia of the powertrain, the Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve boasts a greater acceleration. The oversized brake disc rotor is controlled by powerful hydraulic and mechanical calipers, derived from the Sherpa series; even on the steepest slopes, full control is assured. The well-balanced output drive-shafts spin noiselessly and without vibrations. In addition to the high comfort offered by the special nitrogen gas cartridge mono-shock absorbers, the new exclusive Alpina Track Suspension 3, introduces a new feature unknown on any other existing snowmobile; that is the track’s variable angle of attack. Thanks to this innovation, the suspension self-adapts to any type of snow and surface, always offering the optimum traction and control. And all this abundance of technology is built into the new revolutionary steel frame designed for the Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve, featuring a reduced weight and an incredible torsional strength.


You may or may not be satisfied with your previous experience on other snowmobiles. In any case, if you are switching to a new Superclass you are going to discover a whole new world, and an easier way to work.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the Superclass has everything to satisfy your work needs. The “nose” is equipped with brackets for the installation of a winch and a brush guard. The frame is already equipped with wires from the engine compartment to the tail, ready for extra work-lights and groomers. As an option, the Superclass can be equipped with the Alpina ADCN system that, from a keyboard on the hand-bar, the driver can control a groomer with up to 3 actuators, and 4 more outputs to control separately work-lights, flasher beacon, siren, etc. All through 3-only wires! The large rear cargo area has removable rails and can be easily transformed into a flatbed cargo platform to accommodate every type of load. The rear end is equipped with: standard pintle hitch, 2” receiver. As an option, it can also be fitted with a removable ball hitch and up to 2 electric power rear sockets for groomers and for other electric powered devices, as well as R.O.P.S. and a kit with 2 extra seats. There are really no limits to the number of possible tasks for the new Superclass.


We are very proud of our flexibility and the short time we use in designing and incorporating new technologies. We always work to improve our products, and our philosophy says that quality is not attainable unless you are always reaching for it.

The world of vehicle-manufacturers is divided into two different branches, depending on the philosophy that the designer adopts: Conformists and Innovators. Conformists bring an innovation only after others developed it because they don’t want to spend more resources for innovation. On the contrary, Innovators are always looking for new and better solutions, sometimes swimming against the tide, but always looking for a new idea to satisfy the customer’s needs. Our feeling is to belong to the second category since we have a lot to tell about innovation. There are a lot of works that, until now, have been made with few successes with traditional light-utility snowmobiles. Innovation means also to produce a new machine specially designed for these works. So when someone promises he can do the same, we just tell we do it better.

Definitely, what you will never find in another snowmobile like the new Alpina ‘Superclass 1.2L VVT 12-valve’.

  • 3-cyl. 4-stroke 12-valve engine with variable valve timing
  • Exhaust catalyst with 2 oxygen probes – Road Euro 5 conformity
  • Engine diagnostic possible with inexpensive standard OBD tools
  • New heavy duty transmission with pressure lubrication
  • Dual 500mm + 500mm tracks
  • Backward rear exhaust muffler
  • Exclusive mono-shock suspension with a self-adjusting angle of attack
  • New X-tra long travel front suspensions with double wishbone and nitrogen shock’s
  • Wiring harness ready for ADCN system (for groomers and extra devices)
  • Oversize 50Ah automotive battery
  • 960 Watt alternator
  • Engine hood with hydraulic/gas spring lifter

Download the SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V specification chart

The Legend Goes On.

Make a choice:
a snowmobile or a Sherpa?

Did someone tell you that you can buy a snowmobile with the same features for less money? Did someone promise you that another snowmobile can make the same work as a SHERPA? Sorry, but you have been deceived.

A SHERPA is not just a snowmobile, and we would like you to check every single detail and every technical specification before you trust fairy tales. There are many words that they will not mention when they try to compare a snowmobile with a SHERPA, such as: “technology, standard equipment, performance and towing capability, stability and safety, reliability and lifespan, fuel consumption and emissions-control, operation and maintenance costs, etc.” They will not mention these words because they know they can’t stand comparison.

Would you compare a pair of tennis shoes with a pair of mountain-boots, even if the former are cheaper?

All the components are up to a big machine.

If you are going to buy a new machine, we do suggest you to dwell upon the machine’s components: each component must be up to the work the machine will make, otherwise you are wasting your money.

If you take a look at the new SHERPA, you will not see any component borrowed from light scooters or similar toys: everything is made for a heavy duty machine as the SHERPA is.

From the engine to the chassis, from the high capacity battery to the powerful cooling radiator, from the massive gears transmission and brakes to the efficient pulleys of the CVT system, the SHERPA has the muscles and the frame of a big snow-cat, and you will hardly identify it as a simple snowmobile.

Yet it looks just like a snowmobile, and some say it’s a very beautiful snowmobile: but the design is a matter of taste, while solidity is an actual fact.

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The new SHERPA 1.6L Ti-VCT 16-valve engine is really the most advanced powertrain ever installed on a snowmobile.

With its 1.6L displacement and 115 hp in a compact block made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum for strength and lightweight, it has a proven technology derived from the automotive segment.

Since 2002, Alpina has been the only manufacturer using the state-of-art technology available to minimize the exhaust emissions, like the catalyst with twin oxygen sensor.

Now the new engine is automotive Euro-5 and EPA compliant, with emission levels a great length lower than the ones achieved by any other snow-vehicle. There is also an electric engine block pre-heater, that shortens your warm-up time and reduces pollution.

The 4 cylinders with 16-valve and twin independent variable camshaft timing (VCT) that allows the camshafts to operate both intake and exhaust valves at different times in the combustion cycle, delivers a smooth power and plenty of torque at every engine speed. You will enjoy the quiet and steady power while pulling a heavy trailer or compacting the snow with a wide track-setter, but you will love to try its scorching acceleration and speed when the job is done and the “gentle giant” will suddenly turn into a “wild beast”.

Just twist your right-hand grip, and the drive-by-wire electronic throttle valve will boost you ahead. And don’t forget to wear a helmet!

The “shoes” of your SHERPA 1.4L are still the best ever built, for traction, flotation, and stability. A dual wide-track measuring 20″x156″x1.25″ (500x3968x32 mm.) with superior traction capabilities, provides an extra wide footprint on the snow.

The two second generation ATSS articulated suspension, with 58 wheels and waterproof-bearings, has a very low specific ground pressure (0,38 psi – 27 gr/ and the new anti-dive system allows you to carry many hundreds of kilos on the cargo platform without any loss of control. But don’t be fooled by its imposing size: the Sherpa is extremely handy and agile.

Design studies for the hoods and plastics of the type SHM (SHERPA 1.6L VCT series).

The design elements and the materials work perfectly together in the latest series of the type Sherpa and recall some lines and some technical solutions distinctive of the SHERPA 1.4L series.

Today’s lesson is that you cannot reckon the costs before the period’s end. When you buy a new snowmobile you know how much you pay for it: but that’s not all.

You will pay for fuel, maintenance, spare parts, insurance… sometimes you will need to pay drivers too. And when the snowmobile will be too worn to repair it, you will scrap it and buy a new one.

The balance of all these costs is often higher than the initial cost of the snowmobile, so it is not true that a cheap snowmobile is necessarily a good deal. And sometimes your work needs more than one snowmobile, so the costs are doubled, tripled, etc. So make your reckoning, but based upon some real facts on the new SHERPA, when compared to a conventional snowmobile:

It can transport from 2 to 3 times material/persons – It can easily handle track-makers that others can’t move at all – It can make many different tasks, without needing more machines for each specific task – The drive-belt will last many hundred hours – It has a very low fuel consumption – It is extremely solid and it will last at least twice as long as other snowmobiles – The maintenance needed versus working-hours is very low – The spare-parts are worldwide readily available. Rely on your common sense: work better and save money.

F-250 Track Making System

Snowmobile Attachment and Options

F-250 xc-ski trail implement.

F-250 is the latest generation of snow grooming equipment developed by Alpina for the use in combination with the Superclass 1.2v and Sherpa 1.6v. The three configurations available, (A) without track-setters, (B) with 1 track-setter, (C) with 2 track-setters, offer an effective and convenient outfit for the preparation of ski trails for both classic and skating technique, pedestrian trails, sleigh trails, and small alpine ski slopes. The grooming/tracking quality is very close to the one achieved by snowcats, yet with a much lower purchase cost and running cost.

The Sherpa equipped with the newest F-250 becomes the indispensable grooming equipment for the XC-ski areas keeping a particular eye on environment, functionality, and economy.

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  • Lightweight and compact constructionEpoxy powder coating over an anti-oxidation pre-coating prevents ice and snow building up
  • Full electric operation – no more hydraulic devices
  • Skating-lane renovator with spring-mounted knives; electric control for raising/lowering
  • +50% more tools (compared to the F-One model) for a smoother skating lane grooming
  • 2.5 meters skating-lane finisher, with urethane flexible combs
  • Classic track-setter with gas-spring pre-load; electric control for raising/lowering
  • Track-shoes with progressive compaction profile
  • Available also with 2 classic track-setters
  • Track-setters arms can be shifted to set tracks from left to right on the trail
  • Control keyboard for installation on the Sherpa-dashboard, with the reliable can-bus technology
  • Control keyboard can activate up to 4 auxiliary devices (work-lights, stroboscopic beacon, etc.).

The main advantages of preparing tracks with Sherpa equipped with the new F-250 are:

  • Prepares the skating-lane and sets classic-tracks at one time
  • Easily sets classic-tracks following the “ideal-line”
  • Possibility to prepare the track even with low snow conditions, without damaging the ground
  • Smooth operation, no sudden changes of the track-line on the curves, no torn or ripped tracks when steering
  • No need to first prepare the trails with a snowcat
  • No traces of the snowmobile will remain over the trail; perfect “corduroy” finishing over 2.5 mt. width
  • User-friendly controls, with the smart can-bus dashboard control-keyboard. Great driver-comfort
  • Low cost of purchase – great operation economy – ease of maintenance
  • Eco-friendly machine due to its extremely low emissions.

Transalp Towing-sled

Snowmobile Attachment and Options

TRANSALP towing-sled platform system.

The base platform is made with a sturdy steel chassis measuring mm. 1236×2393 (48-1/3″x94-1/4″) and an aluminum antiskid diamond-plate floorboard.  The skis are made with zinc-coated steel; they have HD-PE skins for better gliding, carbide-steel runners to prevent sideways sliding, and a comfortable progressive rubber suspension which acts like an “air-cushion” even on bumpy trails.  The drawbar coupling system will fit over an automotive 50 mm ball-hitch installed on the SHERPA.  Thanks to its large payload capacity (750 kgs/ 1655 lbs. in the MATERIAL 3-ski configuration) and its modular construction, the TRANSALP system is a very flexible piece of equipment for transportation, and can be configured as:

  • BUS trailer, with R.O.P.S. and 3+3 (or 3+3+3 as option) comfortable foam-seats, safety belts and luggage rack;
  • SKI SCHOOL trailer, expressely designed for ski schools, snow parks, ski areas, etc. with special fitting;
  • CUSTOM flatbed trailer, without side rails, for wide cargoes exceeding the platform size, or any other customization;
  • MATERIAL trailer, with perimeter rails (150 mm./5.90″ height) to contain and fasten any cargo.

Available on request a transparent wind-protection kit, including windscreen and hard-top, and/or the 10-pair ski-rack.

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The TRANSALP SKI SCHOOL is a bus trailer with R.O.P.S. and 3+3 (or 3+3+3 as option) comfortable foam-seats, safety belts and a ski-rack (not displayed on the picture above) especially designed for ski schools, snow-parks, ski resorts, hutten, etc.

The base platform is made with a sturdy steel chassis measuring mm. 1236×2393 (48-1/3″x94-1/4″) and an aluminum antiskid diamond-plate floorboard.  The skis are made with zinc-coated steel; they have HD-PE skins for better gliding, carbide-steel runners to prevent sideways sliding, and a comfortable progressive rubber suspension which acts like an “air-cushion” even on bumpy trails.  The drawbar coupling system will fit over an automotive 50 mm ball-hitch installed on the SHERPA.  The TRANSALP SKI SCHOOL differs from the standard Transalp BUS in the pleasant plastic fittings with illustrations and logos and it is available with the standard fitting “ALPINALM Skischule – Scuola sci” as shown on the image. Anyway, it can be supplied on request with the mascot/logo and name of the ski area/ski school, etc.  Also available on request a transparent wind-protection kit, including windscreen and hard-top, and/or the 10-pair ski-rack.

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